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Debra Capers, president of the local Delta Eta Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., and other members of the sorority are planning fundraising events for HBCU Week.

ALBANY — Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., founded in 1908, takes pride in advocating for historically black colleges and universities via implementation of “Target I: A Call for Action,” one of its major international programs coupled with its Educational Advancement Fund “Promoting Lifelong Learning” initiative.

The sorority’s more than 300,000 members continue to raise millions of dollars to help the nation’s 33 HBCU institutions. However, in acknowledging the success of this vital support, the sorority has designated Sept. 20-26 as its nationwide HBCU week. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, activities for this week will be virtually driven.

The local Delta Eta Omega chapter’s initial focus will be on our HBCU, Albany State University. Because research shows that many HBCU institutions are confronting an economic dilemma that may be impacting recruitment, enrollment, and retention, the sorority is taking a stand to address this urgent concern, for it is perceived as a serious matter pertinent to the survival of the historical institutions.

Research also notes these institutions were instrumental in 90% of African Americans’ receiving college degrees for quality preparation in the work force network. For this very reason, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. is taking a role in addressing a need to keep these invaluable institutions’ doors open to maintain their significant historical impact. It has been proven that the HBCU component has produced many assets in this high-tech dynamic society of continuous change.

However, in keeping with the sorority’s trend of rendering service, the local Delta Eta Omega chapter, in compliance with its national HBCU mandate, will kick off its 2020/21 HBCU advocacy year with sorority members wearing their choice of HBCU paraphernalia to the first sorority meeting in September. Currently, the sorority is planning multiple activities to be implemented during HBCU Week.

The activities will be reflective of fun-filled learning experiences that will include games, talk shows, a college fair, historical presentations and supportive remarks from renowned city advocates and various band presentations. Hopefully, HBCU alumni will become motivated in becoming affiliated with their choice alumni chapters, which will entail their becoming engaged in providing tax-deductible donations and recruiting students for these institutions.

The local chapter’s president, Debra Capers; committee chairwomen Shelby Pouncil, Tamara Davis, Latoyia Jackson and Janice Hardy, along with Karissa Coston and other members, are elated to act on strategizing and implementing community service projects in reflection of the international theme: “Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service” for the upcoming HBCU Week.

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