ALBANY — Georgia state Rep. Gerald Greene has been named a “champion for rural Georgia” by the Georgia Resource, Conservation and Development Association.

The Cuthbert Republican was honored by the association during its October meeting.

RC&D cited Greene’s work in support of several of the association’s programs, including identification of funding for survey mapping and repair of unpaved roads in southwest Georgia, the expansion of Golden Triangle’s RC&D Household Water Well Program and the creation of a new high tunnel in Terrell County.

“State Rep. Gerald Greene was recognized for his dedication and support of RC&D programs, which have had a tremendous effect in his district in southwest Georgia,” association President Jeanette Jamison said. “We are delighted to recognize this outstanding legislator as our ‘champion for rural Georgia.’”

The household water well program expansion includes free testing for low-income families whose water is provided by underground wells, she said. Through Greene’s support, 112 new wells have been drilled and dozens repaired for families in the area.

The high tunnel installed in Terrell County will create opportunities for agricultural education for current and future landowners.

The listed examples are only a few of the programs that Greene has supported for residents of the district and across the southwest Georgia region, the association said.

“I’m just grateful for the achievement, not just for me but for southwest Georgia, in receiving this award,” Greene said.

“I really worked to help them keep their funds this year. They are so good in helping the counties and helping return taxpayers’ money to the citizens.”

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