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John King

ATLANTA – Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King released on Thursday insurance tips for all Georgia consumers impacted by Hurricane Zeta.

“We have seen time and time again in Georgia how storms like Hurricane Zeta can bring property damage through toppled trees and downed power lines,” King said in a news release. “We know this property damage can be devastating for Georgia families, which is why our office has five tried and true insurance tips to help families weather the aftermath of this storm.”

• Document, document, document: Write down and photograph all property damage brought by Hurricane Zeta, including broken windows, damaged roofs, lost personal items, and more.

• Notify your insurance company of any damages immediately.

• Do not attempt significant repairs: If it is safe to do so, you can cover your roof with a tarp or board up broken windows, but leave the significant repairs to the experts.

• Save all receipts. They will be useful to your insurance company down the road.

• Beware of scammers: Unfortunately, scammers can often strike when consumers are at their most vulnerable, are elderly, or are disabled. You can utilize trusted public adjusters who can serve as a middleman between you and your insurance company, but beware of public adjusters you do not know who may come and knock on your front door.

“We have a talented, world-class consumer services team that stands ready to help any Georgian with insurance questions in the wake of Hurricane Zeta,” King said. “Whether you are dealing with a bad actor or just have a question about how to work with your insurance company, call toll-free at 1-800-656-2298.”

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