ALBANY — Othell Raven was joined by friends, family and employees on Thursday at Mayor Dorothy Hubbard’s office where she and her organization Alive Home Care received the official proclamation of “Alive Home Care Day” in Albany.

“I just wanted to say, first off, I really appreciate y’all and the work that you do, and thank you so very much for all that you do on behalf of our citizens,” Hubbard said. “I really appreciate all the work that you do and certainly how you take care of people and not just necessarily the elderly. You take care of people who are at home or who have to be at home.

“I’m really delighted to give this proclamation today on behalf of the citizens of Albany, Georgia to say thank you all for what you do.”

While Raven is considered to be the company’s CEO and owner, she prefers to call herself an administrator. The company is built around her own personal creed and devotion to volunteering and helping others.

“For Alive Home Care, the proclamation is very exciting,” Raven said. “To have a day in the city, especially a city where I’m from, means the world. It says something about what we do as champions of service for the city. I believe in what we do, and I have a heart for service. I grew up volunteering because of my parents. I knew that volunteering was tremendously important.

“It was important for us to get the word out about what we do. A lot of times people see us differently. They see us just being individuals that come in and clean their homes, but we’re more than that. We care. We are champions of service. We care about what we do, and so it’s important to let others know about us, and so having a day means the world not only for the agency but for other individuals within the community who receive the services.”

Al Wynn, who acts as a veteran and military liaison for Alive Home Care, said the company has been in existence for three years.

“We basically service everybody, but our emphasis is on veterans,” Wynn said. “We get referrals from the VA and service all branches of the military — Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines — if you’ve ever served and are eligible to receive these benefits.”

Alive Home Care offer services to veterans, but the company also offers services to others in need by providing home care to the elderly, disabled and chronically ill who wish to live independently in their own homes. Alive Home Care’s services are meant to allow families to stay together and can be an alternative to hospitalization in some situations.

The company provides skilled and non-skilled services for individuals in their home such as medication management, nutrition management, diabetes management, assistance with mobility, transferring, positioning, bathing and feeding, Raven said.

To show Raven and the people of Alive Home Care support, one of the company’s clients was present for the proclamation. Sheila Williams, a singer who provided the group entertainment before the signing, said she likes the services Alive Home Care provides.

Williams also said that she likes the support they give their clients and the care that the company shows.

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