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I appreciate the editorial about Tommy Coleman. I’ve known Tommy since high school, and there is no one smarter or more ethical. He has experience and wisdom, and we are fortunate to have him advising the school board. He is what this group needs. Don’t let James Bush push him out.

Never laugh at your wife’s choices. You are one of them.

As far as I know, Tommy Coleman is a highly respected attorney who represents numerous governmental entities throughout our region. Mr. Bush’s sad attempt to put blame on him for doing his job is deplorable.

Why is there still no strategic plan to improve the economic conditions of the Albany area? Property taxes are 20 percent to 30 percent higher than other counties, and we have a high percentage of poverty. Think about this when voting for a mayor and commissioners.

Squawker: The West will collapse because of Donald Trump.

It’s a proven fact that when Congress voted in daylight saving time they thought American people were so stupid they believed you’d get an extra hour in a day.

Any time Trump starts losing support from his voters, he starts bashing minorities, immigrants, Muslims and gays. That always makes the fake Christians happy.

Please find some way to put Eugene Robinson’s column on toilet paper so I can make proper use of it.

All you Democrats don’t forget now, Bill Clinton’s extramarital sex took place while he was in office, in the Oval Office.

The president has brought shame to our country.

Taxpayers, what happened to our school buildings that dramatically changed physically when our new superintendent came in? They already spent millions on Monroe High and got a $35 million bond issue for other work. Where’s the kickback?

They need to put the word out to children in school: If you want to bring something dangerous to school, bring your minds. There is nothing more dangerous. But you can also use it to do something productive. God Bless America.

How dare you, Donald Trump. You know you’re disturbed when you want to give someone the death penalty for opioids, but you don’t want to do nothing to people with AR-15s going in and shooting up people.

The ASU golfer who made a comment in the paper about no one watching their golf matches: If The Albany Herald would post the day of their matches and the time, people might go out to see them play.

Are there plans to repair the electronic sign out in front of the ASU West Campus? And the soccer game field bench covers are off and damaged. Will someone repair them? Maintenance is slipping at the West Campus. It looks like no one cares.

Once upon a time I knew one intelligent Democrat, but no more. He changed to the Republican party. See how smart he was.

To the squawker having problems with the Humane Society cremating your pet. If you ever have the need again, please contact Southern Pet Cremations in Sylvester. Mr. and Mrs. Hall are the two most compassionate and caring people you will ever meet.

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